Winter is Coming! Give a New Look to Your Kitchen Before Christmas

Whenever a new season comes around, it’s likely that sometimes you feel as if you want a change to signify a fresh start. One great way to change the layout of your kitchen before Christmas is to change your kitchen countertop. Usually, it’s time to upgrade when your countertops no longer match the overall design of your home and have become difficult to maintain. If you’ve made the decision to replace your countertops, here are some things worth considering:

Replace or Repair?

If you still like the material of your countertops and that your budget is a bit tight, think about repairing your existing countertop instead of doing a full-on replacement. Laminate countertops could be polished to erase any scratches, as well as could be painted, re-laminated and tiled for a more updated look. If you have a stone countertop that is chipped, they can be repaired by saving the fragments and adhering them in place with glues. No matter the type of countertop you have, you should be able to find a cost-effective way to revitalize it.

Measure Correctly

Before the tape measure gets taken out, make a rough sketch that represents the countertop placement in your kitchen. Mark off sections of the countertop such as:

  • Continuous countertops
  • Sink countertops
  • Peninsula and island countertops

Measure each length of the countertop by the depth and write the measurements onto the sketch. Find out each section’s square footage, and then add up all the numbers to determine the total square footage of materials needed. This will help estimate and compare the costs of different materials, which in turn will help you find the best countertop that suits both your budget and your design dream for the kitchen.

Other Considerations

If you want to completely replace the countertops, there are some other things to consider. Are you planning to replace your laminate or ceramic countertops with stone or concrete? If that is the case, you want to make sure that your cabinets can support those heavier countertops. If no, you might have to consider that your cabinets might need reinforcing supports at the base, back, sides and top to properly support the new countertops. Also, when considering the different countertop materials, think of their maintenance needs, as well as the attributes they have. Granite and Marble countertops often need to be periodically resealed and polished to stay durable, while Quartz, stainless-steel, other solid surfacing and laminate countertops don’t need any sealing and polishing. If you are considering a soapstone countertop, which is porous and unsealed, they require a special cleaning, which needs to be treated with mineral oil a few times a year. This also applies to wooden and concrete countertops as well, depending on their original finish. If you still need some help on how to revamp your kitchen countertop for the Christmas holidays, give Leen Long a call! We’d be happy to help.   All credit goes to Leen Long Construction Ltd.