Tips To Choose The Right Sealant For Your Granite Countertops

Tips To Choose The Right Sealant For Your Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are highly resistant to stains, nicks, and cracks, but only when looked after well. One of the ways to extend the lifespan and preserve the beauty of these natural stone surfaces is by sealing them.

If you are looking to seal your granite countertop, you might be overwhelmed by which sealant to choose – after all, there are many options on the market. Naturally, you should consult with the retailer that installed or sold your granite countertops first to see what they recommended for your type of granite.

Why Sealants are Necessary

A sealant should infiltrate deep into the stone to help it protect the surface from stains, fight off a bacterial invasion, and make it easy to clean. Look at products carefully before choosing one and pay attention to its capacity to penetrate deep in the stone. Professionals prefer products with penetrating capabilities because it absorbs profoundly and keeps your granite looking new for longer.

These sealants help keep moisture away, reduce the risk of mould, and prevent bacteria from getting into the creases of the stone.

What to Look for When Choosing a Sealant for Granite Countertops

While you stand in the aisle of a home improvement store confounded with all the sealant options, consider the following features to help narrow down your choices:

  • Stone Sealant – Make sure the sealant you choose is for natural stone. Some sealants are for laminate or other non-natural stone surfaces. A stone sealant should be gentle enough to polish and seal the surface of your stone without scratching it.
  • Gentle for All Stone Types: Avoid cleaners or sealants that are specifically designed for one type of stone. Instead, look for a sealant that is gentle to use on all stones, or pick one made especially for granite. If you have mixtures of non-granite gravel on the countertop, such as a custom-made product, then you want to choose an all-stone friendly type.
  • Coverage – You want enough of the product to cover all granite surfaces in your house, so look for something that has at least 160 to 180 square feet per quart.
  • Invisible Dry – Some products leave a yellowish tinge behind, and some will even make your countertops look dull. Look for a sealant that dries clear and will not change your stone’s colour, even if you have a white finish. Also, the sealant should be fast drying, only taking ten minutes from the time of application to dry.
  • Resistance – The finished sealant should be able to repel any water-based and oil-based liquids.

Choose the right granite countertops for your Langley home

You will need a high-quality granite that was designed to reduce imperfections, making it easier to seal. The team at Leenlong has an array of granite countertops for your choosing. We can help you pick and install the perfect countertop and offer advice and suggestions for sealing your countertops each year. They will look as breathtaking as the day you had them installed. You can also contact us online or call to ask us about our granite countertops and customized kitchens.

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