Tips for Decorating Your Kitchen

Tips for Decorating Your Kitchen

Kitchens are more than just a space for cooking and dining, they’re an integral part of any home. People live, entertain and spend time with family in this space, so it’s important that it inspires you and draws you in. To help you decorate your kitchen, here are seven tips you should consider.

Try Black and White
Can’t decide on a colour scheme? Then play it safe by decorating your kitchen with black and white aspects. This also makes it easy to add pops of colour in later, as you don’t have to worry about clashing hues.

Use Open Shelving
You could add a few open shelves over your kitchen countertops or dedicate an entire wall to the cause. No matter the size of your kitchen, installing open shelves and cabinets will make the space feel even bigger. You can also use them as a decorative piece, filling the shelves with cookbooks, plants, dishes, meaningful trinkets, anything you want.

Add Bursts of Colour
This could mean hanging some colourful artwork, buying fun appliances for your kitchen counters or even painting an accent wall with a bright colour. However you want to do this, make sure it’s not a colour you’ll get sick of in a week or two, especially if you’re going the painting route.

Chalkboard Paint
Dress up an empty wall in your kitchen with a layer or two of chalkboard paint! This is a fun way to add and change up your kitchen scheme without making anything permanent. You can doodle and draw designs that are constantly changing with your mood. This also adds a deeper level of personality to your kitchen.

Natural Selection
Bring nature into your kitchen by adding a few hints of greenery throughout. Whether that means handing a few fake plants or starting an herb garden beneath a window, it’s up to you. Throw in some wooden accents as well to make your kitchen feel even more like a greenhouse getaway.

Utilize Every Corner
Do you have a few empty corners that aren’t doing much for your kitchen? Then use them to add more interest to the room. No one said there had to be a single purpose for your kitchen, so use the space as a seating area, to store part of your book collection or as a secret storage area.

Quick and Simple Updates
If you want an easy way to redecorate your kitchen without spending too much, then one thing you can do is to switch out the existing hardware on your kitchen cabinets. You could find something sleek and modern at the hardware store or venture onto the internet to find something unique. Whatever you decide, this is a quick way to change up your space on a budget.

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