Things to Avoid Placing on Granite Countertops

Things to Avoid Placing on Granite Countertops

While granite is one of the toughest stones on earth, it’s still vulnerable to a few substances and occurrences of everyday life. To avoid destroying your natural stone countertops, here are six things you should bypass in order to keep your counters in good condition.

Raw Meat

Granite is a natural stone, meaning that without proper sealing, liquids and bacteria can be absorbed into it over time. While staining and dullness isn’t something you want on your expensive countertops, the bacteria leftover from preparing raw meat is a concerning matter regarding your health. Unsealed stone can absorb the harmful germs from raw meat and cause the issue of cross-contamination. What’s left behind from improper cleaning can make you sick, so it’s best to use a separate surface when dealing with raw meat.


With a proper application of stone sealant, your granite countertops should be resistant to scratches, but that’s not to say your knives will survive the encounter. Granite is a hard stone and using a knife directly on it can cause the blade to dull quickly, even damaging it in some cases. It’s best to be safe and use a cutting board when meal prepping, instead of taking a chance and destroying your knives.

Acidic Substances

Anything that holds acidic properties shouldn’t make contact with your granite countertops. Cutting up citrus fruits? Use a cutting board. Spilled vinegar or soda? Wipe it up immediately. Thinking about using harsh cleaning products like bleach? Keep them far away from your counters unless you’re looking to replace them soon. Acidic foods and liquids can compromise the structure of the sealant, allowing for staining and etching on the surface to occur and causing permanent damage to the appearance of your countertop.

Leftover Spills

If you do end up spilling soda or lemon juice onto your counters, make sure to clean it up as soon as it happens. The few seconds it sits on the surface isn’t dangerous, but leaving it for a few hours or overnight will cause the sealant to wear away and staining to occur. Using warm water with mild soap and a soft cloth will clean up the spill and any remaining residue.

Hot Pans

The intense heat from a hot pot will have little effect on the natural stone countertop. However, it’s the sealant itself that you need to worry about when placing hot objects directly onto granite. The extreme heat will weaken the sealant’s effectiveness against stains and scratches. Have a potholder on hand while cooking so you can safely place your pan onto the countertop for long periods of time.

Heavy Objects

Dropping heavy objects, sitting or standing on granite countertops can cause them to crack or chip. Granite isn’t a flexible material. Instead of bending to accommodate for the added weight, the pressure will cause the granite to snap. Granite is difficult to repair, so if you need to reach a high cabinet or change a light bulb over the island, grab a step ladder.

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