3 Ways Trending Kitchen Designs Are Using Cherry Cabinets and Other Dark Woods

3 Ways Trending Kitchen Designs Are Using Cherry Cabinets and Other Dark Woods

If you think wood cabinets in darker hues are outdated, you may want to reconsider. Wood cabinets, including traditional cherry ones, are still being used in new kitchens today, so if you’re after a fresh design and want cabinets that are stylish, you may want to consider incorporating darker wood into your modern kitchen design. If you love cherry cabinets or dark wood, do not be afraid to use them because they will make your kitchen feel beautiful and rustic and offer the right amount of texture, all of which are perfect for a trendy kitchen. You don’t have to ignore traditional styles and if you prefer a natural finish, then dark cabinets are a great option because you’ll be able to combine different elements to get the exact design and look you’re after. The following are three ways cherry cabinets and darker woods are currently trending in kitchen design:

Shaker-style doors

This type of cabinetry is versatile and timeless, making it extremely popular. The design is simple and its appearance is straightforward, making it easy to work with and incorporate into any style of kitchen, including modern designs.

Transitional kitchens

This is the perfect option for those who love to combine different style elements into one because you can combine contemporary and traditional components together to achieve the kitchen design you’re after. This will allow you to create a unique space that nobody else will have so don’t be afraid to mix different designs together.

Contemporary kitchens

This means cleaner lines and accents so it’s perfect for those who want a spacious kitchen because contemporary rooms are airier. This type of kitchen is similar to modern design but not quite as minimalist. Kitchen designers are seeing more and more of these three requests by homeowners and both cherry cabinets and darker woods are popular again, so if any of these three trends sound appealing, make sure you discuss it with your designer or project manager. Choosing the right cabinets can be stressful because there’s more to consider than just colour and you have to think about the style of doors, hardware, and design so that the end result reflects your vision and preferences. While they may not seem like important decisions, you must remember that a kitchen is where your family will gather and spend a lot of their time so you want it to be a space that you love. Whatever your design preferences may be, your ideal kitchen can become a reality and Leenlong can help bring your dream kitchen to life! We are located in Langley and offer beautiful kitchen cabinets and countertops, so if you’re ready to start enjoying your kitchen instead of avoiding it, give us a call, and we will help you with the process.