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With state of the art technology (considered the best technology in the kitchen industry), Leenlong can deliver custom made, beautifully crafted countertops at a competitive price. With this technology originated from Italy, we can handle any shape, angle or edge!

How it works


We use this measurement device to accurately measure every section of the kitchen in order to get an accurate template to place the countertop, as well as make sure that the custom shapes and angles are customized perfectly to the counter.

We do template with “Proliner” Measurement Device.

This device uses a unique mechanical and digital measuring method and has proven to be the most accurate, reliable, efficient and flexible digital templating solution in many different markets.

Kitchen Measurement
Countertops Fabrication


This is done to fabricate our high-quality countertops, in the most precise and efficient way possible. Not only does it handle fabrication, but it handles the cutting and polishing for that gleaming result in the end.

We do fabrication with Italian “Intermac Master 30” – The industry-leading CNC Working Centre.

This fabrication facility allows us to operate Full Digital Fabrication, thus ensure the most precise cutting and consistent polishing, with speed and quality!


Next, our team of professional installers will assist in loading your countertop. It is essential to hire professional installers because this is the only way to guarantee that the job will be done right, without compromising any other part of the kitchen’s surroundings.

We only hire experienced installers to do your job! We use proper tools to load your countertop and make “Invisible” Seams!

We ensure your job is done properly. After installation, the installers will double-check their work, the customer will check the job with our “After Installation Checklist”, the project coordinator will evaluate the project performance.

Kitchen Cabinets Installation
Countertops With No Seam

“Invisible” Seam

Having a countertop that is completely unblemished from start to finish atop their cabinets is the goal of some people. However, because of some of the unique shapes and designs that countertops come in, there might be a seam (which looks a lot like a straight line that can be seen in the countertop to show where two slabs were glued together). Now with the state of the art technology, invisible seams are possible, making them virtually invisible to the naked eye.

People love their countertops with NO SEAM! However, people have to bear with some seams in some cases.

We create “Invisible” seam with our experience and technology! With the application of Accurate Measurement, CNC Cutting and Gorilla Grips, we make your seams hard to be found even by experienced countertop fabricators.

Wondering how the seams look like? Pictures tell everything.