Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Specialists in Surrey


At Leen Long, design, materials, service, and expertise, all play an important part in shaping the heart of your home: the kitchen. We also understand that every home and kitchen therein is unique because every individual and homeowner is unique. Culture, food habits, family conveniences, and lifestyle play a big part in determining the function and design of your kitchen. We take care to listen to you your needs, see your vision through your words, and then proceed to make your dream come true with all the years of training behind us.

Our kitchen cabinets and countertops are available in an impressive range of colours and styles. Whether you are moving into a new home, designing a new one with a partner, upsizing with full family or downsizing into a condo or apartment, our goal is to realize your dreams. We work out the measurements, draw the layout, and discuss installation items with you before we find you the best quality fittings in your budget.

You will find contemporary cabinets, classic quartz, and granite countertops, modern sinks and faucets at competitive prices at Cowry Kitchen Cabinets in Surrey where we have been serving residents and commercial constructors for many years. We help in big and small renovations, redesigning, upgrades, and amendments. Our Design Consultants can convert all your ideas into 3D simulations with our state of the art 3D Software. Talk to our team to streamline the ideas from flooring to ceiling. Visit our showroom at Surrey or window shop online before you call us, so you have a better idea of your needs and our services.

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