Integrated Kitchen-Living Spaces: It's All About Being Open

Integrated Kitchen-Living Spaces: It's All About Being Open

Modern homes are all about open floor plans, which are far more popular and desirable amongst potential homebuyers and homeowners. Compartmentalized homes are a thing of the past because integrated living spaces are more inviting and comfortable and also far more spacious, so a home will feel bigger. Integrated spaces are great for any area of a home but more so for kitchen and living spaces where most people spend the majority of their time. The openness of this particular area will create a welcoming environment that you can enjoy daily on your own as well as for parties and guests.

Integrated layouts no longer make people feel trapped or secluded and instead create a nice flow throughout the home from room to room, so that there’s easy access from the kitchen to the living area and dining room. The goal of an open floor plan is to combine living areas, which are far more enjoyable than secluded rooms that can make a home feel small and uninviting. There are many benefits to an integrated kitchen-living space, so it’s no wonder homeowners are leaning more towards this modern type of floor design, which is a lot more functional.

Integrated living spaces improve traffic flow and allow for shared lighting throughout an entire area while providing easy access to different rooms and great views of your home while you’re entertaining. Open-concept designs are also aesthetically pleasing and help create the appearance of a bigger space than there may actually be. The possibilities are endless and it’s truly remarkable to see what the removal of a wall or border can do for space, especially when it comes to kitchens.

Kitchens are a busy area of a home where families gather, cook, bake and hang out, and if you have a small space, it can be hard to enjoy your kitchen or work comfortably within it. Opening up space with the removal of a border will change your space completely and provide you with options you were unable to have before like a kitchen island, for example. You’ll be able to move around more freely because your kitchen will be a lot more spacious and it will be visually more appealing as well in terms of design, so there are many benefits to integrated living spaces and the possibilities are endless.

It’s also a great way of bringing your dream kitchen to life because you will be able to install and enjoy kitchen features you didn’t initially have room for like a wine cabinet, additional seating area or even a small computer or office area if you like. Your kitchen will no longer feel old and outdated but rather modern and spacious instead.

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