Factors You Need to Consider Before Choosing a Kitchen Sink

Factors You Need to Consider Before  Choosing a Kitchen Sink

Are you renovating your kitchen and are looking for the perfect sink to match your new kitchen cabinets or countertops? Then this is the guide for you, as we’ll go through everything you’ll need to know about picking a kitchen sink.

Which Configuration Appeals to You?

Single Sink

A great option for smaller kitchens, single bowl sinks will suit all your kitchen needs. If you tend to wash a lot of larger pots and pans, then this is the sink for you. However, you might find it tricky to complete more than one task while using this sink.

Double Basin

A popular configuration, double sinks are traditionally connected by one base, allowing you to wash dishes or produce on one side while drying dishes on the other. You’ll be able to find double basins with sinks of different sizes to better suit your needs.

Triple Setup

While it’s not a common choice, triple bowl since usually consist of two average sized bowls along with a third, smaller bowl in the middle. The third sink is typically used as a garbage disposal. This is a great option for larger kitchen layouts.

What Material Do You Want?

Stainless Steel

The most popular choice for kitchen sinks, you don’t have to worry about your stainless steel sink clashing with the rest of your appliances. Easy on the eyes and your wallet, this is an affordable option for any kitchen. However, it has a tendency to show scratches and water spots.

Natural Stone

Typically made from granite, natural stone sinks can blend effortlessly with your countertops if you’re going for a seamless effect. However, stone basins can get expensive and require more maintenance depending on which stone you choose.


Copper sinks look their best in modern and industrial kitchens. The material will develop a patina over time, making it look better with age. All you need to do to keep it shiny is use a copper polish every now and then.


Perfect if you’re going for a traditional look, porcelain sinks come in a wide variety of colours to choose from. However, because porcelain is a porous material, expect that it will chip, crack or stain over time.

Various Mounting Options

Dropped In

Whichever sink you choose will be dropped in from the top of your counter, the bowl’s rim resting against the edge of the cutout. This is the most common and simplest way to mount a sink, but there are a few disadvantages to be aware of. The placement of the bowl’s rim atop the counter allows for leftover food particles and dirt to get trapped, making the surface look dirtier over time.


Looking for an option that lets you sweep food and water effortlessly into your sink? Then under mounting is the option for you. An opening for your sink is cut into the kitchen countertop, before the sink itself is mounted to the underside.

Farmhouse Setting

Typically mounted using the drop in method, farmhouse sinks are in a category of their own. The front of a farmhouse sink is left fully finished and exposed, meaning that they also require specialty kitchen cabinets to be mounted properly.

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