Decorating A Modern-Style Kitchen 101

Decorating A Modern-Style Kitchen 101

Contemporary style kitchens have become quite prominent in homes over recent years. Modern kitchen interior design is proverbial for its minimalism, simplicity, staple colours and lack of excess of decoration and ornamentation. Modern kitchens emphasize warmth and moderation with earthy tones and the use of sleek lines. 

Looking to design your dream modern-style kitchen? Leenlong has a few tips on how to decorate to achieve the contemporary kitchen you’ve been fantasizing about. Check out our informative design guide below.

Sleek Countertops and Cabinets

Cabinet hardware is a prominent element in a modern kitchen and necessary to complete the aesthetic you desire. Kitchen countertops should have clean, sleek and defined linear lines. Leenlong’s quartz countertops in Langley suit a modern-style kitchen because of the natural material and sleek, shiny finish to the stone. White cabinets are a classic, refined look that pair well with quartz countertops. Quartz countertops are the elegant, high-end countertop choice. To break up the all-white modern-style kitchen that is so popular, opting for black or emerald coloured kitchen cabinets add a pop of colour to a contemporary theme. Our Leenlong inventory carries a variety of elegant, contemporary styles or you can customize cabinets to suit your modern vision perfectly.

Functional Use of Space

Modern-style kitchens are clean and compact, keeping appliances and ornaments stored and out of view. More effective storage solutions in the cabinetry allow space for additional appliances to be kept. This includes dividers in drawers to separate utensils and cutlery, pull out drawers for various spices or seasonings, caddies for large dishes or pans and deep, hidden drawers for the wastebasket and recycling bin. A kitchen free of clutter makes it appear more spacious and luxurious. This effective organization contributes to a clean, refined kitchen design that can actually increase your home’s value. 

Lighting and Accessories

Lighting and kitchen accents should be consistent with the minimalist, neutral overall appearance of the kitchen’s layout. Lighting fixtures can either be small or large but either way not have very much detail or ornamentation. Illumination depends on the size of your kitchen and desired outlook. A modern-style kitchen with large windows may not need large light fixtures and instead petite pendant lights. Accent lighting is perfect to highlight the quartz countertop stone or polished cabinets. 

Stylish Sinks 

Sleek, trend-defining kitchen faucets are a necessity for functionality and to complete the overall refined kitchen look. Modern sinks provide a luxurious feel and welcome warmth that fits perfectly with the rest of your classic kitchen hardware. Our chef-inspired Pearl sinks and faucets are guaranteed to complete your minimalist kitchen vision.

Redesign your kitchen for a more modern look to reflect your taste and style with Leenlong. Our professionals will create your ideal modern-style kitchen dream come true from measuring, drawing the layout to complete the design and installation. We are your one-stop-shop to contemporary kitchen design in Langley and Surrey! Contact us to get started on your project or stop by our store to learn more today!