Kitchen Sink

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Choose from our growing selection of kitchen sinks

Mabe Series – the traditional kitchen essential

18 Gauge Double Offset Bowl Kitchen Sink

Q Series – stands for quintessential

16 Gauge Double Offset Bowl Kitchen Sink

Melo Series – trending simplicity

18 Gauge Single Bowl Kitchen & Laundry Sink

Vertu Series – sleek & modern personality

Single/Double Bowl NuGranite™ Kitchen Sink, available in Black, Graphite Grey & Chocolate color

Hana Series – strikingly functional

Square Single/Double Bowl Designer Kitchen/Bar Sink

Vantage Series – the balance of living and tasks

Special designed sinks for luxury and lasting impression

Palo Series – timeless classics

16 Gauge Square Single/Double Bowl Dual-Mount Kitchen Sink

Tahi Series – go beyond the kitchen

18 Gauge Single Bowl Bar Sink

Ezra Series – contemporary glamour

Square Single/Double Bowl Designer Kitchen Sink with Radius Corners