Best Ideas and Solutions for Your Small Kitchen

Best Ideas and Solutions for Your Small Kitchen

It may seem impossible to get creative with a small space, but with a little imagination and inspiration, you can make your small kitchen look like a work of art. Just an inch of space can spur miles of ideas. Here are some solutions and ideas to make the most of your small kitchen and keep you cooking in style.


Do not be shy about using paintings and portraits to dress up bare kitchen walls. These do not need to be restricted to a living room or hallway. Use images of food or restaurant inspired pictures to get your appetite going.


If you do not have much wall space to work with, then try dressing up the ceilings instead. Inset lights can easily be used in a kitchen, but hanging light fixtures add so much more personality to the area.


Liven up space by adding fresh, small plants for a pop of colour and some movement. Winding vines and flowing leaves add texture to plain walls and counters. You could even make this addition more practical by planting herbs and having them within an arms reach as you cook.

Embrace the Old

Instead of covering up old brick walls or re-doing vintage tile, consider working with it instead. Older accessories do not have to look dated.

Experiment with Materials

Leather, chalkboard, and classic moulding may not seem appropriate for a kitchen, but they can be used creatively to make something unique. Consider leather handles for drawers, a chalkboard wall to write your grocery list on, or fancy moulding to help your kitchen stand out from the rest.


A splash of paint can drastically change the vibe of a room. Neutrals are typical for a kitchen so trying adding colour in different ways. You could keep the top cabinets and walls neutral and paint the drawers a bright colour. Using a vivid colour for part of a kitchen avoids overwhelming a small space. If bright colours are not your thing, trying incorporating metallics as an accent or use a colour like rose gold all over to make the space sparkle.


One of the most inconvenient things about a small kitchen is the lack of storage space. If you cannot build out, you might be able to build up instead. Add shelving above your cabinets if you have the space to spare.

Keep it Simple

Sometimes, it is best to opt for a simple colour palette to keep the area as light and airy as possible. Using one or two neutrals is especially beneficial in a narrow space.

Soft Touches

If your home or apartment is an open concept where you have rooms spilling into each other, consider adding drapery. Your space will feel cozier than if you were to use solid blinds. And, translucent curtains can still let some light in making your home appear bigger.

Create Cabinetry

If you run out of wall and counter space, tap into your ceilings potential. A hanging bar with hooks can hold dozens of pots, pans, and kitchen tools saving you precious pantry space. You could also bring in storage space with a rolling rack or cart that can either sit against a wall or act as a mini island. Temporary fixtures are an excellent option for renters.