7 Ways You’re Accidentally Ruining Your Countertops

7 Ways You’re Accidentally Ruining Your Countertops

Kitchen countertops can be an expensive investment for your home. As such, they need to be treated with the proper care in order for them to stay looking as gorgeous as when they were first installed. If you’re unsure about whether or not you’ve been treating your countertops well, go through this list to make sure you’re not ruining your counters.

Harsh Cleaning Products

Many countertops don’t require harsh products to get them looking shiny and new. Supplies containing bleach or ammonia, specifically regarding granite and quartz countertops, will remove the shine and possibly any protective coating applied. Use mild soap and hot water for all daily messes.

No Protection From Hot Pans

Depending on your countertop material and whether or not it’s sealed, placing hot pots, pans and other appliances can damage the surface. They can experience discolouration, cracking or permanent scorch marks. Use a pot holder if you need to place something hot on your counters.

Too Much Weight

Any hard and inflexible countertop will crack or chip if an excessive amount of weight is applied. If heavy items are placed on the corner or joints of the countertop, you’ll run the risk of causing damage that difficult to fix. Particularly with laminate countertops that are experiencing peeling edges, leaning on them will cause more stress and further damage it.

Acid and Water Buildup

Pools of water left out can result in water staining, depending on your countertop material. It’s easier just to clean up any spills as they happen, instead of risking future damage that can ruin your expensive counters. If you’re cutting or pouring acidic foods and beverages and spill some, these are guaranteed to damage your counters if left sitting out. The acid will eat through any sealants, etch the surface and make the material vulnerable to other weaknesses.

It’s Not a Cutting Board

You have less to worry about regarding granite and quartz countertops, as they’re scratch resistant and more likely to damage your knives than being damaged themselves. However, other countertop materials aren’t so lucky. Using a knife directly on your countertops will lead to scratches developing, disturbances in the surface sealant and can create holes for bacteria to grow in.

Direct Sunlight

Having a bright and sunny kitchen makes the space appear as open as possible. However, having direct sunlight hitting your counters on a consistent basis, particularly if you have laminate, the colouring will fade. The sealant on wood and granite countertops are also vulnerable to fading in sunlight, so close your kitchen blinds during the sunniest hours of the day.

Prepping in the Same Area

Over time, preparing food in the same area constantly can lead to scratched or etched countertops, creating obvious and uneven signs of wear and tear in one area. For a countertop that looks as even and uniform as possible, spread out while cooking. Use different areas of your countertop regularly, it’ll last much longer.

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