5 Premium Quartz Countertops that Look Like Marble

5 Premium Quartz Countertops that Look Like Marble

Marble as a construction material has a charm like none other. It has been immortalized in the pages of history through the magnificent Taj Mahal in India among other famous structures worldwide. Centuries later, the Taj Mahal continues to command regal presence over all other modern structures just as it did back then.

Today, marble continues to upgrade the look of home interiors with a variety of choices in colours and styles. Marble countertops can withstand a range of temperatures and weather conditions, and lasts a lifetime. However, integrating marble into a home is expensive. It is also high-maintenance and has low resistance to stains. If you are looking to revamp your kitchen, you may want to consider quartz countertops that look like marble.

Advantages of Quartz

● Quartz is more durable than marble.
● It resists scratches, spots and stains better, even though it may not be as heat-resistant.
● Quartz is non-porous. It does not harbour bacteria, hence makes the perfect countertops.
● Quartz is aesthetic. It comes in a wide range of colours, looks and styles.
● There are quartz countertops that look just like granite or marble. It’s hard to tell the difference. If you are looking for a cool, classic look that’s cheaper, easier to maintain and lasts just as long, quartz countertops that look like marble might be for you.

Quartz is More Easily Available than Marble

Quartz is more widely available than marble. It also comes in a wider variety of colours. This is because marble is a natural stone that needs to be mined from the quarries hence available in limited quantities. Quartz is a manufactured stone that is made from the mineral quartz which is abundantly available. The manufacturing process ensures consistency in colours and designs.
Below are a few quartz countertops that look just like marble.

1. Calacatta Vicenza Quartz: This premium quartz is available in soft shades of gray and white with blends of gray, brown and white weaved through the surface to make it look like marble.
This stone is the best of both worlds because it requires no maintenance.

2. Carrara Grigio Quartz: Quite like Carrara Marble, Carrara Quartz makes a soothing statement in white or soft gray. It is perfect for statement islands, countertops and backsplashes.

3. Cashmere Carrara Quartz: If you love the ivory and alabaster look of marble, you will love this quartz. Use it for countertops, backsplashes or floors. They are available in 2cm to 3cm polished slabs.

4. Glacier White Quartz: This milky-white quartz blends white and muted grey to make a soothing countertop in residential and commercial applications. Use it for countertops, backsplashes, flooring and walls for a pristine look.

5. Romano White Quartz: This premium natural quartz features gray and white veins and flecks in an elegant white surface. Use it to create aesthetic countertops, islands, accent walls or backsplashes

Leenlong Construction Limited, Langley: Premium Quartz Countertops

Engineered quartz, made with 90 to 94 percent ground quartz and 6-10 percent of resin and pigments is one of the newest favourite materials to create kitchen countertops. Quartz with a marble look brings you the best of both worlds. This premium countertop that resembles natural stone is resistant to abrasion, scratches and other issues that plague marble countertops, is easy to clean with soap and water and resistant to bacteria and viruses. Here at Leenlong, we carry many different brands, colours and textures of quartz that are sure to meet the specifications for your next project. Visit our showroom for a closer look through the entire range.